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Ultraviolet rays can damage your carpet, draperies, and furniture too. Window film eliminates 99% of the UV rays therefore providing a reduction in fading and discoloration. Likewise, the application of film can reduce glare seen on computer screens or televisions. Window film also rejects heat, which allows for energy cost savings.

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Oasis Window Tinting offers several different options for Residential window film application. We will make every effort to meet your needs. For more information, to upload photos, or request an estimate please visit our Contact Us page.  

Enhance the comfort and security of you home with window film

Window film from Madico can increase the comfort of your home by controlling unwanted heat gain, glare and reducing 99% of ultraviolet rays. Window film blocks up to 80% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering cooling costs. In the winter, film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause colors to fade, fabrics to fray, and unwanted UV exposure for your family. This damage to your furnishings, floorings and artwork becomes worse over time, and can never be reversed. Madico window film blocks those harmful UV rays, saving you from costly damage while helping to preserve the beauty of your home.

Madico solar control window films also can provide increased privacy, especially during the day. Our Optivision® films can even make your night views better by reducing interior reflectivity.

Keep your home and family safe with Madico safety and security films. Window film holds broken glass together in the event of an accident, severe weather or forced entry.

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Benefits of Madico Window Film:

Rejects more than 99% of UV rays

Saves energy and makes you feel more  comfortable

Cuts glare and unwanted heat gain

Resistant to scratches and everyday  wear

Holds shattered glass together in case of breakage

Enhances privacy

Available in a wide range of shades and colors

Reduces fading of furnishings and  flooring

Madico residential films are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty in North America. Ask your dealer for  details.

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