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Automotive Window Tinting

Custom Car Window Tinting

The summer heat in Atlanta, paired with the traffic, leaves commuters desperate for relief from the sun and heat. Tinting your vehicle is a great way to block harmful UV rays and keep the interior cool. There are many known advantages of installing window film on your car.  Window tinting provides heat relief, glare reduction, UV protection and privacy.

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ClearPlex Windshield Film

  • ClearPlex Invisible Windshield Protection Film helps protect glass from rock chips, pitting, and bull’s-eyes, keeping glass in its original, pristine condition.
  • ClearPlex Film is optically clear so drivers don’t even notice it’s applied and it’s guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack, or yellow under warranty.
  • ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film can also be applied to sunroofs, side and rear windows for added protection against hail and smash and grab incidents. 
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Black PeArl High Performance

  • Black PearlHigh-Performance automotive tint will improve your driving experience.
  • Black Pearl HP blends sophisticated style with superior performance to accent the look of any car.
  • By reducing heat and glare, Black Pearl HP makes your car more comfortable to drive, requiring less air conditioning. With over 99% ultraviolet (UV) protection, it protects you and your family from exposure that can lead to sunburns and possibly skin cancer. Available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic

  • Enjoy superior comfort and protection with nano-ceramic window film.
  • Introducing Black Pearl® Nano-Ceramic, Madico’s newest automotive film for the most comfortable drive possible.
  • Black Pearl NC’s advanced ceramic technology offers significant heat reduction by rejecting up to 87% of infrared rays. It blocks more than 99% of UV rays, protecting passengers and interiors from overexposure. The multiple shades available help to minimize annoying glare. Available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime No-Fade Warranty
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Black Pearl Non-Reflective

  • Black PearlNon-Reflective automotive tint will improve your driving experience.
  • Black Pearl NR blends sophisticated style with metal-free construction to enhance the look of any car.
  • Black Pearl NR reduces heat and annoying glare while protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays, making your car more comfortable to drive and requiring less air conditioning. It also provides safety by holding broken glass together in the event of an accident and is available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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  • Charcoal automotive tint cuts heat and glare while offering a classic look.
  • Combining classic looks and functionality, Charcoal automotive tint offers rejection of heat and glare, while blocking 99% of UV rays.
  • If you’re looking for a film that won’t interfere with your use of cell phone, GPS, satellite radio, and tire pressure monitors, Charcoal is the film for you. Charcoal is available in several shades to make it easy to customize your car to your preference. Charcoal comes with a Manufacturer’s 7 Year Warranty
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  • Charcool automotive tint helps keep you cooler on the road.
  • Charcool automotive tint is a state-of-the-art extruded film with high color stability.
  • Charcool delivers on the cool, with a more comfortable driving experience requiring less air conditioning by blocking heat and glare and rejecting up to 99% of UV rays. You’ll also enjoy its style and performance that won’t interfere with the sophisticated technology found in vehicles today. Charcool is available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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GP Max

  • GP Max offers affordable style while reducing heat and glare.
  • GP Max is a metallized, dyed film that features an attractive neutral color in many shades.
  • Its affordability makes it a popular film option amongst budget-conscious vehicle owners who want good heat rejection and glare control. GP Max also provides 99% UV protection and retains broken glass. GP Max offers a Manufacturer’s 7 Year Warranty.
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  • High performance with a classic appearance for year-round driving comfort.
  • Onyx automotive tint is a popular choice among those who desire a classic look along with high performance.
  • Onyx offers exceptional heat rejection increasing comfort, while reducing dangerous glare and interior fading. You can credit its sophisticated style and year-round comfort to its heat-rejecting metallized technology, which requires less dependence on air conditioning in warmer months. Onyx is available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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  • Shadow keeps you cool on the hottest of days.Shadow is a non-reflective film with an attractive neutral color perfect for any vehicle.Its metal-free construction ensures no signal disruption for drivers. Manufactured with the latest color-stable technology in dyed films, Shadow is durable, long-lasting, and provides enhanced UV ray protection. Shadow offers a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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  • Wincos high heat-rejecting automotive tint will enhance your driving experience.
  • Premium cars require matching performance from their window tint. Wincos, a nano-ceramic IR automotive film, combines beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in window film style and performance.
  • Passengers enjoy superior interior comfort, as Wincos window films deliver high heat rejection without the look of dark, tinted windows. It blocks 99% of UV rays and its metal-free construction guarantees that it won’t interfere with the sophisticated technology in today’s vehicles. Wincos is available with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.
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